2014 SMC Compensation Survey

2014 SMC Compensation Survey is now open through September 12, 2014

Recruit, Attract, Retain

  • Are your salaries and benefits competitive?
  • Are you attracting and keeping quality employees that are helping your business grow?
  • Do you know if you are overpaying or underpaying your employees?
  • Are you considered the local ‘training ground’ for your competitors?
  • Is your current salary and benefit package an asset or is it killing your business?

If you can’t answer these questions with certainty, then you need the 2014 SMC Compensation Survey.  For over 10 years, SMC has been the leader in helping local business executives better understand how their compensation practices compare to other businesses in this area.  There are numerous surveys with national data, but those sources can’t help you compare your specific jobs vs. your neighbors next door or down the street.  The 2014 SMC Compensation Survey CAN!

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About the Survey

The SMC Compensation Survey is a regional compensation survey administered by EHResearch Data Services, LLC.  Data is collected for over 200 positions ranging from administrative office staff and managers to production workers, both union and non-union.  This survey is open to companies throughout western and central Pennsylvania.

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Whatever business you are in, chances are your PEOPLE are your most important and valued asset.  How can you be sure that your pay and benefits are in-line with the local competition?  In today’s economic climate, having the right people can make or break your business. 

The 2014 SMC Compensation Survey provides you with the data, information and insights you need when making compensation-based decisions.  Data is collected on methods of wage increases, bonus and incentive programs, staffing activity and projected wage increases. Incumbent data collected includes base wage, cash bonus and Fair Labor Standards Act status. All data remains confidential and is only published in combination with all respondents’ results.

NEW THIS YEAR: Streamlined data collection.  Much easier to complete.

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