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The non-profit sector provides critical programs and services to our community. Yet these critical organizations traditionally have numerous constraints. SMC is your safety net. As a non-profit ourselves, we help connect you with business leaders, realize greater efficiency, advocate at the grassroots level, and much more. Join Now! SMC Business Councils is where you belong.


Staffing decisions are among the most important decisions that nonprofit organizations make and shouldn’t be taken lightly. SMC’s professional HR services help you create and update your employee manual, build your mission and vision into your organizational goals. Create and revised job descriptions that project a true picture of the position. Create a performance system that evaluates and rewards employees and provides opportunities for mentoring and coaching. It’s all here at SMC.


Issues & Advocacy

We help you further your mission by shaping public policy at the local, state and federal levels. Smaller businesses are usually the last our elected officials think of when writing new legislation. Why? Simply put, they are focused on “bigger” issues. As a result, smaller businesses (non-profits are smaller businesses) are left in the dark or hit harder by the consequences of government. Think of the budget stalemate in Harrisburg and how many non-profit organizations have been impacted. SMC advocates on the issues most impacting the smaller businesses and organizations in the Commonwealth. We ensure the message is received and understood.

Issues and Advocacy

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Over the years that we’ve been members, we’ve taken advantage of the many benefits SMC Business Council offers. We used the HR benefits many times consulting with them about our proposed actions to ensure we were within the government guidelines. Government Advocacies tracks the attitude and decisions of our elected officials, and informs us of issues that affect small business. A good example is how SMC has kept us informed is during the ongoing saga of the Affordable Healthcare Act with alerts, seminars, webinars, and through their newsletters. They’ve also presented numerous and interesting business forums on current markets.Patty Brunner
Vice President
Command Systems, Inc.
Command Systems Inc.

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“The SMC Staff and Board of Directors are excited about our future as we retool our trade association back toward its founding principles. Come join us!”