Maximizing Education and Economic Opportunities Directed at Invigorating the Manufacturing Industry


  • Stop creating plans/programs based on homogeneous concepts vs. creating hubs based on heterogeneous needs.
  • Identify specific needs within a hub driven by community identification of these needs.
  • Create an understanding of key drivers within the hub and determine relevant roles and responsibilitie
  • Develop strategies to implant hub concept across multiple regions and industries.
  • Build the visibility and attractiveness of the manufacturing industry


  • Define specific Geographic region where manufacturers are clustered
  • Utilize the manufacturing community as the core foundation to establish hubs where both demand and supply needs are established across integral community components.
  • Aggregate resources aimed at increasing viability of manufacturing from early stage through mature ultimately creating jobs.


  • Develop and sustain viable groups to represent their own interests.
  • Engage key stakeholders within community including education, non-profit organizations, unions, economic development organizations, and public workforce entities.
  • Create viable programs/projects leading to increased quantity and quality of available workforce.
  • Drive existing resources to hubs in a systematic manner.

Our Goals

  • Align public private resources to develop, promote and support activities that create opportunities for growth in the manufacturing industry.
  • In partnership with regional entities who support manufacturing, develop community manufacturing  hubs to provide entrepreneurs through mature firms ( t with needed resources for business development and growth while enhancing exposure for secondary and post-secondary students to modern manufacturing practices.
  • Create programs to encourage secondary schools to promote manufacturing as a dynamic and advantageous career option.
  • Provide pro-active leadership to key stakeholders within the manufacturing sector to support the growth and sustainability of manufacturing  for educational and economic opportunities.

The Vision

The vision of the Pennsylvania Small Business Education Foundation is to leverage the power of the manufacturing community to increase the quality and quantity of human capital to enhance the competitiveness of the industry.


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