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SMC Business Councils is an authoritative source for insight, opinion and news about PA small businesses, manufacturers and non-profits and the issues that affect them locally, regionally and nationally.  Join now. SMC Business Councils is where you belong for the latest news.

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Working PArts Magazine

Working PArts

(Please note, our “Working PArts” Magazine is on temporary hiatus.)


Human Resources Newsletter

The HRM Update is an on-line newsletter publication for the purpose of informing SMC members about developments and trends in the practice of Human Resources.

Human Resources – July Newsletter 2017

Government Relations Newsletter

Stay informed of the latest political, legislative and regulatory issues affecting Pennsylvania businesses with our Government Newsletter.

Government Relations – July Newsletter 2017

SMC Insurance Agency Newsletter

Read about the latest insurance issues affecting Pennsylvania businesses and get health tips that promote a healthier lifestyle.

SMC Insurance Agency – July Newsletter 2017

Community Connections Newsletter

Keep up-to-date with SMC’s upcoming Special Events and member benefit updates for you and your employees.

Community Connections – July Newsletter 2017

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Meet Bill Ringle, President of System Ringle

“The SMC Staff and Board of Directors are excited about our future as we retool our trade association back toward its founding principles. Come join us!”