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SMC Business Councils offers a full range of services that help small businesses, manufacturers and non-profits in Pennsylvania save and make money, stay compliant, affect change, and empower employees. Globally, we have a stellar reputation, depth of experience, and political influence to represent your overall best interests. Specifically and most importantly, we offer you an array of services that give you that competitive edge in the marketplace – some of them free or at a reduced rate. Join now. SMC Business Councils is where you belong.

We offer a full spectrum of free and cost-effective human resource services to stay compliant and to be more efficient and profitable.

SMC Insurance Agency comprises in-house licensed professionals, who navigate the insurance maze finding affordable solutions for individuals and groups.

Build invaluable contacts, exchange ideas, and position your small business for success with SMC Business Councils array of networking events.

Through issues advocacy, SMC Business Councils has affected change and created a pro-business environment for PA small business since 1944.

Our cadre of financial services, including SMC NestEgg™ Retirement Savings Program, helps small business save money and retain employees.

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Meet Bill Ringle, President of System Ringle

“The SMC Staff and Board of Directors are excited about our future as we retool our trade association back toward its founding principles. Come join us!”