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A Total Commitment to Best Practices in Human Resources

SMC Business Councils offers a full spectrum of cost-effective human resources services to stay compliant and help your business run more efficiently and profitably. Every employee is at a different point in their HR lifecycle requiring different needs. SMC becomes your HR department, offering sage advice. SMC is extremely responsive to your HR needs. If we are unable to answer your question, we have alliances with other firms and resources that will have the answer. Join now. SMC Business Councils is where you belong.

  • HR Checkup

    Complimentary assessment of your company’s human resources practices combined with a summary of where you are strong and areas that need improvement.

  • Employee Opinion Surveys

    Engage your employees and improve retention with this fee-based service.

  • Labor Law Posters

    Meet the minimum employer requirements with a free set of state and federal labor law posters.

  • Employee Handbooks

    Let’s talk about updating yours to reflect the latest changes and company values. Consulting HR improves a company’s success and bottom line and improves morale.

  • HR Setup

    Build a solid foundation with our assistance in newly establishing the HR function. From interviews with you to design your vision into the organization culture to establishing the processes and procedures needed to run your business.

  • Recruitment Services

    We provide consultation, resume screening and interview training. We also have a pool of member companies who can assist you with specialized areas of hiring.

  • Sample Forms

    We can help you create or update an employee new hire packet. Stay current with the latest I-9, W-4 forms and more.

  • Background Services

    SMC partners with organizations to provide you with Criminal background checks, credit reports, driving records, education and employment verification, and more.

  • Exit Interviews

    Interested in ways to improve your employee retention? It’s best to get this valuable feedback through a third-party like SMC Business Councils.

  • Outplacement/Transition Support

    Terminating is difficult. We make it easier by connecting you with fellow members who can provide outplacement services.

  • Drug Testing

    SMC partners with member organizations to offer pre-hire screening and current testing to ensure a clean and safe workplace.

  • Job Descriptions

    Because all employees want to know job expectations and a basis for evaluation, we help you document the role and expectation for each employee.

  • Pre-hiring Assessments

    While no one can guarantee a perfect hire, there are steps you can take to increase your chances of success. SMC can provide candidate assessments to your job applicants and provide you with the results.

  • Compensation Surveys

    SMC’s Compensation Survey is the only regional survey of our local jobs.  Let these results become the basis of your recruitment and retention efforts.


    For information and expertise on U.S. COBRA and PA mini-COBRA laws, contact us now.

  • Payroll

    Our partnership with a regional payroll provider was selected due to the high level of customer satisfaction and cost-effectiveness. We can recommend payroll and accounting solutions designed specifically for small businesses.

  • Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

    We offer an affordable EAP to help your employees with issues impacting them personally and professionally.

  • SMC Insurance Agency

    What’s most important to you: Cost or Coverage? As a non-profit small business we understand how much confusion there can be over the complex decisions that go into selecting the right coverage for you and your company. We make sense of the vast array of insurance options for all your business needs.

  • Employee Opinion Surveys

    Many factors go into creating an enjoyable work environment. How can you improve employee satisfaction? Let us help you gauge their feelings.

  • SMC NestEgg™ Retirement Savings

    Think putting a retirement program in place for your employees cost too much? SURPRISE! SMC has created NestEgg which means you get access to great plans including SEP’s, IRA’s, 401k’s, 403b’s and more at a cost you can afford. See how you can make NestEgg a compelling addition to your benefit program! Contact us now.

  • LegalShield®

    In today’s world we hear far too often about data breaches. How are you protecting your employees in the event their identify is stolen?  Through our partnership with LegalShield you can offer your employees protection and services in the event something happens.

  • Customized Onsite Training

    We’ll customize training to meet your needs. Sessions can be conducted by us or one of our outside specialists.

  • Safety/OSHA Training & Compliance

    SMC’s consulting partners can develop required written safety and health programs, safety audits, manage MSDS, and training according to federal standards.

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SMC Business Council’s HR services have been valuable in providing guidance on a multitude of issues ranging from workers’ compensation to employee handbook revisions to proper hiring documentation. We appreciate the personal and prompt service.Dave Carlson
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Creekside Springs
Creekside Springs

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