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Now more than ever, your bottom line is affected by public policy. For more than 70 years, SMC has been the voice of small business, manufacturers and non-profits in Pennsylvania. Through the relationships SMC and its members have built with elected and appointed officials at the state and federal levels, we have achieved numerous legislative and regulatory successes, including reforms related to taxes, Workers Compensation, healthcare and more.

Join SMC Business Councils, we have the commitment and the track record of making a difference. SMC Business Councils is where you belong. Stay informed, meet lawmakers and make a difference with an organization that has a proven track record.

Join the Fight!

Each year we survey members to determine top concerns. SMC’s federal and state legislative agendas are built from the ground up. For 2015, our #1 state priority was pension reform and our #1 federal priority was permanency of Section 179 of the IRS code.

Networking and Legislative Receptions

Travel with other SMC members on our advocacy trips to Harrisburg and Washington, D.C., and attend SMC legislative receptions.

Government Relations Committee

Join the Government Relations Committee to share your perspectives and ideas with other members, help develop advocacy positions and get updates on state and federal issues. Working groups convene around taxes, healthcare and workforce. Your input helps SMC create strategies for influencing public policy to your advantage.

Opportunities to Change Minds

Learn how to effectively express your opinions on the issues, especially as they relate to your own business.


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Advocacy Benchmarks

Since 1944 SMC has advocated on numerous state and federal issues that impact small businesses and manufacturers.  The overarching goal is always the creation of a pro-business environment for SMC members.


Take the Word of Some of Our Members

The combination of attention to detail, relationships with key legislators, and forceful advocacy has put SMC at the table in resolving important issues for Pennsylvania’s small businesses…giving your membership more value that you could expect.

John Nikoloff
Founder and Partner
ERG Partners
ERG Partners

There are few organizations dedicated to helping small business survive in the today’s highly regulated environment. SMC Business Councils works every day to educate and influence our state and federal legislators about the impact of new and proposed laws on small business. SMC gives voice to the issues and problems unique to small business owners and seeks solutions to improve the small business climate. Small business must have a seat at the table when major decisions are made – SMC Business Council is that voice!Stephen Cohen
Keystone By Design Inc.
Command Systems Inc.

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“The SMC Staff and Board of Directors are excited about our future as we retool our trade association back toward its founding principles. Come join us!”