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Legal Help at SMC Business Councils

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Small businesses face legal issues ranging from debt collection to contract review to intellectual property infringements. A majority of small business owners, however, don’t seek legal advice because of cost. SMC Business Councils has a number of legal professionals in its membership who are prepared to help you. Our HR Services Group can also give you guidance and refer you to legal resources regarding employment issues. We also offer a member discount on LegalShield® prepaid protection policy, a monthly fee-based service based on your business size. Join now. SMC Business Councils is where you belong.

HR Services

Did you know that there are 180 federal employment laws? That’s why SMC Business Councils HR Services Group is an invaluable resource to keep you safe and compliant.  Our HR Services Group can consult with you and, when necessary, can refer you for further legal clarification. 


LegalShield offers round-the-clock prepaid legal service plans through a nationwide network of law firms. This service is an SMC Business Councils member discount exclusive.








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