Heartland Payment Systems

Tom Donofrio, Relationship Manager at Heartland Payment Systems in North Huntington, PA, joined SMC more than two years ago with a clear goal: to establish new relationships with business owners who needed more secure payment systems and better technology to process credit card payments and billing.

As one of the top performers in the Heartland Payment Systems organization (since 2012, Donofrio had generated exponential growth and earned the company’s second highest sales honor for portfolio profit), he discovered upon joining SMC that he had gained unique access to a powerful networking partner – one that was dedicated to creating valuable opportunities to connect with businesses that could benefit from Heartland’s services and products.

Donofrio describes his primary business drivers as “making connections with the right people that share similar core business values, sharing potential opportunities, and hard work and hustle to meet with companies that accept credit cards as a form of payment – knowing that in most circumstances I can improve their situations.”

Donofrio first recognized the value of an SMC membership through a recommendation from Mark Shelleby, treasurer for Vista Metals and a former SMC board member. While cold calling, Donofrio met Shelleby and, through that new connection, Donofrio set up a B2B program that generated a $40,000 financial benefit for Vista. The success of that program prompted Shelleby to encourage Donofrio to join the SMC, so Donofrio could offer similar help to other manufacturers and distributors in the area.

As an SMC member, Donofrio has numerous services at his disposal, but he ranks the ability to connect with people who need his services as the greatest benefit. SMC has helped him grow his business through, he says, “many warm introductions to people who may not have given me an opportunity without the connection.”

At the Heartland Payment Systems office in North Huntington, Donofrio specializes in assisting small- and mid-sized merchants in Pittsburgh and the surrounding area with credit/debit card processing, billing, human resources administration, mobile payment and loyalty marketing challenges. Among those, secure payment processing solutions is the cornerstone of Heartland services. Systems comprising end-to-end encryption, tokenization, and EMV chip card support enable Heartland clients to better mitigate liability associated with fraudulent transactions and to remain compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements, among other critical data security issues.