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Your business goals are to increase revenue, reduce operational costs, and attract and retain talented employees. SMC’s mission is to help smaller manufacturers and businesses succeed and grow. SMC can give you the tools and support you need to reduce operational costs, manage the needs of your workforce, and make local business connections. That allows you to focus on your mission and your revenue stream. To be competitive and successful, your business needs the right tools, information, products and services to gain market share and deliver on your commitment. Through your SMC Membership, you gain access to the critical tools that help you improve your top line, reduce your operational costs and improve the lives of all your employees. The SMC Membership benefits help you compete with any competitor large or small. As a trade and advocacy association, SMC is known and respected as the voice for small business in Pennsylvania. As a result, our members have a seat at the table when issues impacting small businesses and manufacturing operations are discussed.

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